Chipotle Peach Caprese Salad

Chipotle Peach Caprese Salad

Take advantage of fresh peach season and enjoy this fresh twist on a caprese salad using peaches instead of tomatoes, and chipotle caramel in place of the balsamic vinegar. It was a big hit when we made it and was gone in no time. Enjoy!!


  • 2 fresh peaches, sliced
  • 1 package fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced into half rounds
  • 20-30 fresh basil leafs, (halved if large)
  • Caramel Kitchen chipotle caramel sauce, warmed slightly


  1. Using a large platter arrange the sliced peaches, mozzarella and basil leaves in rows with an alternating pattern of mozzarella, basil, peach, mozzarella, basil, peach and so on.
  2. Once your rows are made, drizzle the chipotle caramel sauce over the top of each row.
  3. Enjoy immediately. (If you want to prepare in advance, wait to drizzle the caramel sauce until right before serving).