Best Ever S'more

Best Ever S'more

We spent some time this weekend practicing the art of making s'mores! I'm not really sure if this qualifies as a What to Make Monday...but soooo many people I've talked to have NEVER added caramel sauce to their s'mores and when I tell them it's the best, they ask me how I do it. Now that the weather is right for campfires, I didn't want another summer to go by without you all trying the perfect s'more!


  • 1 graham cracker
  • 2 marshmallows
  • 1/2 chocolate bar or 1 peanut butter cup (my favorite)
  • Caramel Kitchen salted caramel sauce


  1. Prepare your two graham cracker halves by drizzling salted caramel sauce on one side of  each of them. 
  2. Roast two marshmallows to your liking. (I prefer mine golden brown, but my daughter loves hers burnt) 
  3. Place a marshmallow on each graham cracker half and sandwich 1/2 chocolate bar or a peanut butter cup between the two halves. Eat and repeat!!