Families Working Together!

We started Caramel Kitchen as a way to help pay for our kid’s tuition, teach them about running a business and fund their’s and other’s mission trips. We have created an opportunity to work along side us for families who want to do the same.

Caramel Kitchen Image | Caramel Kitchen


Funding a Christian education can be expensive. It is not just the wealthy who desire a Christ-centered education for their children. Often times it takes a parent working a second job to afford the extra income it takes to fund this type of schooling; the only other option being the use of a school’s tuition assistance program. We believe there is another way to pay for your child’s education. At Caramel Kitchen, we give opportunities for families to work together to generate the income they need to achieve these goals. Having children involved in our business is important to us. We allow families to stay together, working to create life skills and teachable moments with their children.